Tips for the good videopitch

 When making a videopitch, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Present your idea wihtin the first 20 sec. of the video
  • Make it short. A short and precise pitch is more catchy than a lengthy speech
  • Show the product. Whether in pictures, demonstrations or video, the product or prototype is easier to understand if you show it one way or another
  • Show the team behind the idea
  • Remember password protection! When you send your videopitch, remember to protect it by a password. Otherwise, it may harm any future patent application that the product has been disclosed
  • Do a technical check. Make sure that the sound is good and turn the camera in the right position. It must be horizontal when filming
  • Show expert statements, where potential costumers or partners give their take on the team, the market potential or the idea


Do not do the following:

  • Poor quality - both bad lighting and sound can ruin a pitch
  • It's not a commercial. It's more about selling the company to the committee and therefore the pitch should not be presented as an advertisement for the product. A commercial does not provide the necessary insight into the company and the team behind it



Examples of the good videopitch




What Jordnær Film does right:

  • They present their idea right away.
  • They show which SDGs they work with and why.
  • They show their team, their skills and their experts.



What Subreader does right:

  • They show their product and what the product can do.
  • They explain the problem.
  • They show their team, their skills and their partners.
  • They explain their goals/visions and how they want to achieve the goals.



What Flacon does right:

  • Explain their product and the market they want to target.
  • Present their team and the background of the team. 
  • Show how they want to work with the SDG's and why. 





What Esgaard does right:

  • They start of by explaining their product.
  • They show their prototype.
  • They explain which market they want to target and why.



Find more tips for the good videopitch here (in Danish)