Business models

New business models

There are many different business models to use for a company. Here is an overview of four new business models. 


If you have questions as to the rules that apply to the new business model your company is using, you can read more and ask questions on this website about new business models (in Danish only) that gives a collected answer from the relevant authorities. The Danish Business Authority has an English website here 



Circular economy

Companies using circular economy work with products and processes that contribute to increase the value and lifespan of the world's resources. Here the four main categories within which circular economy operates: 


  • To minimise the amount of used material
  • To repair, maintain, restore and reuse
  • To repeat the use of distinct material
  • To use clean, non-toxic material.

Sharing economy

Sharing economy is an economic principle whereby private individuals share, rent, buy or exchange products and services. Products/services range from letting your residence or car to offering help against payment or exchange of services.


The establishment of a sharing-economic company typically involves a website that can communicate the contact between private suppliers and users, so that the parties can deal with one another.


Data and new technology

Digitalisation is increasingly part of our everyday life and plays a big role in our society. Many companies use the possibilities such as artificial intelligence, 3D print, sensors, advanced data analysis etc.


Companies working with the possibilities of the digital transition and using new technologies must pay attention to many rules within this field.



E-business is the term for all online sale. E-business is the fastest growing area in retail, and many companies work exclusively with e-business today. E-business makes it easier for companies to cross the borders, but there are also many rules and laws to be observed and obeyed.



Read more about the business models, and ask questions, on this Danish website (as above and only in Danish)

You can also consult the English website of the Danish Business Authority (English website as above)