The Sustainable Development Goals at The People's Democratic Festival

The Foundation of Entrepreneurship and Tuborgfondet want to help young entrepreneurs who work with a sustainability business - they help them by handing out SDG Micro Grants.

To become an entrepreneur requires a lot of skills such as responsibility, hard work and belief in yourself. Three student startups got the chance to test those skills when they pitched their ideas in front of a panel while standing in ice cold water to their waist.

The three startups where Jordnær FilmEsgaard and Yieldmore. 

Yieldmore kept a cool head and won the 25,000 DKK Micro Grant.



YieldMore has created an eLearning app for small scale farmers in Nigeria. The app will make it easier for the farmers to achieve sustainable growth in their argriculture.

Jordnær Film is an advisory production company that produces vibrant images respecting the environment and guides the Danish media productions in the sustainable and responsible consumption of resources.

Esgaard has created The Stitcher which is a small hand-held suturing device that closes skin wounds. The Stitcher assures a simple, intuitive and fast way of healing a wound.


All startups has recieved a SDG Micro Grant funded by Tuborgfondet.