Stories about SDG Entrepreneurs

"The SDG Entrepreneurs" - a video series

The short videos below are part of the series "The SDG Entrepreneurs," produced in collaboration between MOOT and Mikrolegat, about cool young Danes who have received a SDG Micro Grant. All SDG Micro Grants are awarded by the Tuborg Foundation and the Entrepreneurship Fund. We have joined forces to focus on empowering young entrepreneurs and new businesses driven by solving major global challenges. The language in the videos is Danish.

Case #1: Jordnær Creative

Leonardo DiCaprio, Cate Blanchett and George Clooney are among the many Hollywood stars who focus on climate change and which have given the television and film industry an environmentally conscious image. But maybe they should look inside instead. Behind the glittering green facade hides a gigantic overuse of electricity, materials and fuel. More from the young entrepreneurs Josefine Madsen and Anne Ahn Lund from Jordnær Creative in this video:

How do you become an entrepreneur? Where do you start, who do you talk to, and how do you jump into it?

A thesis from the University of Copenhagen on climate-friendly film production led to the founding of the company Jordnær Creative. Jordnær Creative wants to revolutionize the film industry with zero-waste solutions and eco-friendly initiatives for a more sustainable film production, but most importantly, Josefine and Anne have a crucial piece of advice for future entrepreneurs - hear about it in the video below:

Case #2: CikoTag

What do you do when one of Denmark's largest industries, which alone accounts for 30% of the country's greenhouse gas emissions, does not want to jump on the climate wave? The construction industry is known for being ultra-conservative, but building engineering students Rasmus Krogh Lynge Pedersen and Nicolaj Zoega Jørgensen will change with their startup "CikoTag":


During their education, the two construction students were given the task of recycling building materials. It became a great desire to create a more circular economy in the construction industry, which is one of Denmark's largest industries and at the same time accounts for 30% of the country's greenhouse gas emissions. The idea quickly went from being a school assignment to becoming a startup. Hear about their entrepreneurial history here: