Examples of SDG entrepreneurs

Tuborgfondet and the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship are collaborating in the Micro grant initiative for the UN Sustainable Development Goals to put a focus on young entrepreneurs og new businesses that are driven by solving big global challenges. We will seek to strengthen these young entrepreneurs, among others by distributing 150 SDG micro grants over the next three years


Here you can read about startups who has recieved a SDG Micro Grant:



Flacon is a socal startup who wants to fight disposable plastics in the hotel- and service industry. Flacon offers a sustainable and circular refilling system to personal care products. Their products are made produced by reusable plastic and wood. 

Flacon recieved a SDG Micro Grant in Februar 2019. 




Flacon is focused on Goal number 13,14 and 15. Disposable plastics is CO2 heavy and diffecult to breakdown, it's only used for a breaf moment but pollutes the environment for decades. By using reuseable flacons, Flacon will create an enviromentalfriendly product (Goal number 12), which doesn't hurt the climate, the seas or the lands (Goal number 13,14 and 15).

"The UN Sustainable Development Goals are integrated in our core values" - Stine Ullum, Co-founder Flacon.





The founders behind Flacon are Verena, Stine, Vittoria and Michelle. They all met at an entrepreneurial course at CBS. They found each other in a project about the environment. When the course ended, the team was convinced of the strength in the team and decided to continue their startup journey. Together they are 3 nationalities and speak 6 different languages.


They just joined the new Testlab at København Kommunes in Sydhavnen. Here they will spend the next year experimenting, developing and testing new material for their prototypes.

"We just started and we are very excited to see how the process will turn out and what the results will be. Our SDG Micro Grant will be used for prototype developing - for materials and consultancy on everything we know nothing about. The grant gives us the possibility to invest time in developing and testing our product so that we can create the right solution" - Stine Ullum, Co-founder Flacon.





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