22 nov 2019

Young SDG Entrepreneurs receive Micro Grants at Danish Entrepreneurship Award

Nine teams showcasted their ideas and three talented teams received the Micro Grant, each having a value of DKK 25,000, at this years Danish Entrepreneurship Award.

7,000 creative students, educators and business people all came together to celebrate innovation and entrepreneurship this Thursday at the Danish Entrepreneurship Award. Students from all over the country came to Fredericia to take part in the competition to win a Micro Grant, which the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship in collaboration with the Tuborg Foundation is awarding to young startups with entrepreneurial ideas aiding the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


The winners were SmartPant from UCN, Log Ladies from NEXT and Norden Engineering from DTU.

SmartPant is motivating the general public to collect recyclable bottles and cans

The idea behind SmartPant is to make the collection of recyclable material digital - and gamified - moving forward. Moreover, SmartPant want to motivate people collect bottles and cans more - whether the bottle or the can has a monetary value - i.e. through the Danish "pant"-system.

“It's amazing to win the grant and, thereby, getting a pat on the shoulder. It makes you feel as if you are doing something right. We have applied for the SDG Micro Grant to get beyond the initial phases of our startup and to develop our business model. Now we are a step closer. We have found locations to test our product, and with the Micro Grant we can develop the final things, so that by 2020 we have a finished product,” says the team behind from Smart Pant as they descend from the stage with the check for DKK 25,000 sponsored by the Tuborg Foundation.

Log Ladies want more female craftsmen

The way to get more women to choose a future in crafts can be inspirational courses for women and women. Three female carpenters have developed the idea for Log Ladies, which will offer courses to private consumers as well as institutions.

“We are so looking forward to getting started building our website. The Micro Grant helps us getting started on the things we cannot build ourselves. We also got some new exciting contacts and expanded our networks today. We did not know the hall was that big. It was a bit nerve wracking but super cool, ”says Marie Maarbjerg of Log Ladies.

New wastewater treatment to stop microplastic

Two students from DTU have developed a solution targeted at wastewater treatment.

“We have developed a new innovative filtration solution that does not use microplastics for processing wastewater at treatment plants. At the same time, the solution can reduce power consumption by up to 50%. We have a small prototype and together with other funds we have applied for, the Micro Grant will finance a larger prototype that can be tested out at wastewater treatment plants, ” Christoffer Cady explains, and adds that Norden Engineering already is in contact with all the wastewater companies in the metropolitan area of Copenhagen.


Future startups are focused on global challenges


At the Danish Entrepreneurship Award, several competitions were held for students and students, and it is evident that the next generation of entrepreneurs show great potential. In total, nine entrepreneurs participated in the competition for the SDG Micro Grants.


“Today we have seen a lot of committed students and students who have presented some really innovative ideas. Many of the ideas this year have focused on sustainability, green change or the SDGs and it shows that the young people have some innovative ideas for our common global challenges. It is really nice to experience," says Christian Vintergaard, CEO of the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship, the organizor of the Danish Entrepreneurship Award.


Entrepreneurs and new businesses are crucial in order to reach the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. With innovative solutions, entrepreneurs create the opportunity to solve the world's greatest challenges. The Tuborg Foundation and the Entrepreneurship Fund have joined forces to focus on empowering young entrepreneurs and new businesses driven by solving major global challenges.

The grants are given to students who have entrepreneurial ambitions and ideas that contribute to the UN's World Goals, and three Micro Grants were awarded at the Danish Entrepreneurship Award.


In addition to the competition for the SDG Micro Grants, there were four other competitions at the Danish Entrepreneurship Award: The Idea Competition, Da Vinci, Project Edison and DesignTalent. See all the winners at www.award.ffe-ye.dk.

The Danish Entrepreneurship Award is arranged by the Foundation for Entrepreneurship in collaboration with the Municipality of Fredericia.