Copenhagen University (KU)

UCPH Innovation Hub is present in the faculties of SCIENCE and SUND (HEALTH) and at the Southern Campus.


The hubs are open to all KU students regardless of their field of study. The hubs offer office space, advice and guidance and the possibility to be part of an active innovation and entrepreneurial environment. KU supports interdisciplinarity; students from other universities may also apply at all UCPH Innovation Hubs provided they team up with at least one student from Copenhagen University (KU).




SUND Hub focuses on health ideas but is open to all students at KU.

Here students, entrepreneurs and health professionals work on their own or others' ideas. You can get support on your business development, coaching, matchmaking and the possibility to become part of an office community with 24/7 access. The SUND Hub moreover offers a programme including a 7-step model for idea development.


SCIENCE Innovation Hub

Also open to all students from KU. As a student you can get a regular office place or a flex office place. You can also participate in mentoring and workshops, get advice and access to legal advisor, auditor, IT-project manager and industrial designer.



T57 is a smaller hub at Frederiksberg campus, which is part of the SCIENCE Innovation Hub. T57 offers office facilities and the possibility to be part of a network of entrepreneurs. The offer is only for students with a finished concept who are already in the process of commercialisation.



KU PLUS at the Southern Campus encompasses the Faculty of Theology, the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Humanities.

KU PLUS supports activities in the whole value chain of innovation; from helping teachers include more cases in their teaching and develop practice-oriented methods and courses to career-clarifying workshops, creation of an entrepreneurial environment and establishing collaborations with external partners. As a student, you have the possibility to get an office space and receive expert advice and feedback on your idea.



Dansic is a voluntary non-profit asscociation run by students and supported by among others KU. DANSIC’s mission is to create a platform for social innovation and social entrepreneurship in Denmark.


Medical Business Association

Medical Business Association is a voluntary interest group primarily for medical students interested in business and economics. The purpose of the group is to strengthen the members' network, give them an overview of career opportunities and offer courses and presentations about such subjects as entrepreneurship, accounting, leadership in medical companies, and the stock exchange market.



Synapse is a student-driven non-profit organisation working to further collaboration between universities and the life science industry. Through events, workshops and network activities they specifically seek to support students who want to work or start a company within the life science industry. Synapse holds an annual kickoff competition.


Read more about entrepreneurial activities at KU here (mostly in Danish)