CSE - Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship

CSE is CBS’ incubator that gathers all the university's extracurricular offers to student entrepreneurs.

Here you can participate in activities open to all students, but there are also special programmes for student entrepreneurs who have been selected through an application process. Mentors are part of these programmes.




Bitlab belongs to the Department of Digitalization; HA (IT), BA (IM), E-Business and Cand Merc (IT). Bitlab is for you who are taking an IT-related degree at CBS.

The Lab will help you with your entrepreneurial project and with establishing contact to startups. 

The Lab supports your IT-related activities, delivers hardware and software, including VR, 3D-print, social media monitoring, different IoT-units and access to cloud-server.



Read more about entrepreneurial activities at CBS here (mostly in Danish)