Aarhus University

Aarhus University students with entrepreneurial ambitions have the following options:


Studentervæksthus Aarhus (SVAA)

SVAA is an incubator for all students at Aarhus University. Students from other educational institutions can participate if they team up with at least one AU student. SVAA offers advice on your business idea and free admission to presentations and conferences.


The faculty "Science and Technology" has three labs, which are in principle open to all students:


HatchIT Lab

Hub for students from Department of Computer Science.


Orbit Lab

Student incubator at the Aarhus University School of Engineering.


Food eHub

Student incubator at the Department of Food Science. Here you can get advice and support for your business upstart and your development of business concepts within agricultural and food innovation.

You will start with a flex office space near your professional environment. Later you can get a regular office space in Agro Food Park.

Food ehub offers mentor schemes and helps to create network to relevant collaborative and business partners.



Business Factory

Business Factory is a student incubator in Herning, in connection with the Department of Business Development and Technology. Open to students from Aarhus University in Herning.


Startup Factory is open to students from Aarhus University, Aarhus School of Marine and Technical Engineering, Aarhus University School of Engineering and INCUBA as well as to student entrepreneurs with technological business ideas.
Startup Factory offers office space, workshop facilities and access to prototype workshops as well as advice and guidance. Startup Factory arranges Discovery Lab, Biz-Lab and entrepreneurship training. As a student, you also get free admission to participate in workshops.


COMET (Commercializing and Entrepreneurship)
COMET is a project unit in the department Corporate Relations and Technology Transfer, where you as a PhD student, post doc or researcher at AU or partner universities can participate in extracurricular activities under "Science for Society".
"Open Entrepreneurship" is targeted the same group and aims to create spinouts and business collaborations.
Read more about extracurricular offers at the universities here (in Danish mostly)