RaskRask is a massagekoncept, who provides professional masseuses to private people and companies. They have build their company after a vision of shared economy, where the client provides the space, which keeps the expences down and makes it easier for the client.

RaskRask recieved a Micro Grant in april 2016 and has developed their bookingsystem since. Their new bookingsystem has helped the business to grow 1000% the last year. RaskRask is now setteled on the market and can now be found in all bigger cities in Denmark. Before the Micro Grant they only had a few professional masseuses in Aarhus and now they have about 100 all over the country.



How it all started

Albert Kirk Iversen, The founder of RaskRask, got indured during a soccermatch and after that he realised how diffecult the system of getting the right treatment is, when you cant leave your bed. That's how he got the idea of traveling physiotherapy. Albert soon found that he wasnt the only one asking for this service. But he also found that the need of professional masseuses was even bigger.


Two of the founders, Albert and Jesper, studied together at Aarhus University, where they their bachelor thesis in entrepreneurship. They signed up for a Aarhus Health Care (an entrepreneurship competition) and won! That became the beginning of RaskRask. Since then the team has grown and today they have four full-time employes, two part-time and freelance - what they have incommon is their love for entrepreneurship and want to help others.




The Future for RaskRask

"We have been through a huge development as a business but also as a team. As an entrepreneur you learn something new about yourself, your team and the business everyday - and something you could'nt learn in a book. You have to get your hands dirty. It can be a long and diffecult process, but we belive that we have to develop 1% each day. We will always be one step closer to our goal in that way" - Albert Kirk Iversen.


RaskRask has several visions that can take the company in many different directions. They want to expand to other nordic countries or deliver other services in five years. Their experince has showed that they have to be open for new posibillities. 


Recommendations from RaskRask 

As an entrepreneur you can use a lot of money on mistakes if you dont think every move through. It's an enviroment where things move fast and dreams are big. Our biggest recommendation is to slow down, breathe and make a plan for the future. In that way you make sure that you dont get burned.


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