About Micro Grant

Since 2011, the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship has awarded Micro Grants to students with startup ambitions.


By contributing a small economic aid to students' early startup of their own business, the long-term goal is to create growth companies that contribute with jobs, export income and growth in society.


The Micro Grant gives pupils/students the opportunity to gain valuable experience with entrepreneurship. From our impact assessments we know that this experience very much influence their desire to become entrepreneurs. At the same time, the purpose of the initiative is to raise a positive awareness about entrepreneurship and talented entrepreneurs at the Danish educational institutions. Here, the Micro Grant recipients often function as role models for their peers. 


Each year, we receive around 400 applications and award around 130 Micro Grants.


Applicationdeadlines in 2022:





What can you apply for?

You must be over the age of 18 and enrolled at an education in Denmark to apply for a Micro Grant. You can apply for a regular Micro Grant or a SDG Micro Grant, if you work with the UN Sustainable Development Goals in your business. Read more about the SDG Micro Grant here


You can apply without a CVR number (if you are still in the idea phase) or with a CVR number (if you have registered your business within the past year).


Without a CVR number, you can apply up to DKK 25,000 to cover the earliest costs before starting your business.


With a CVR number, you can apply up to DKK 50,000, which must be used to reach a maturity stage, to obtain other growth capital. This micro-grant requires 25% self-financing on top of the grant.

You can apply for and receive one Micro Grant without a CVR number and one with a CVR number.


Read more about the application criteria here.


Our Partners

Throughout the years, we have collaborated with partners such as the Danish Business Authority (Erhvervsstyrelsen), Innovation Fund Denmark and Green Business Development and private actors such as UPS, DANA and Nordea Startup Fund.


Our current partners are Bristol-Myers Squibb and Tuborgfondet. With Bristol-Myers Squibb, we award special life science Micro Grants once a year. In 2018, Tuborgfondet, together with the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship, started a new Micro Grant initiative of awarding Sustainable Development Goals Micro Grants. These micro grants will be given to entrepreneurs who contribute with ideas that help solve global challenges. 


Read more about our collaboration with Bristol-Myers Squibb here.


Read more about our collaboration with Tuborgfondet here.